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July 26-28, 2017

Camphill Hudson, Hudson, NY

Solaris, 360 Warren Street, Hudson NY



Wednesday, July 26


Sara Hendren, Assistant Professor, Olin College of Engineering
“Investigating Normal: Disability, Design, and Engineering”


Sara Hendren is an artist, design researcher, and writer based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She makes material art and design works, writes, and lectures on adaptive and assistive technologies, prosthetics, inclusive design, accessible architecture, and related ideas. She teaches disability studies for engineers-in-training in her role as assistant professor at Olin College. Her first book, on the unexpected places where disability is at the heart of design, is forthcoming from Riverhead/Penguin Random House (2019).

Miriam Snellgrove, Ph.D., University of Bristol
“Who is Camphill For? Challenges and Perspectives from the UK Experience” 

Miriam Snellgrove’s research focuses on the changing nature of Camphill principles and practices in the UK; in particular the ways that the ‘vision’ of who Camphill is for and how it should be run have faced considerable challenges with the increase in employment, declining co-worker model and more complex needs of residents to name a few. She focuses on exploring these ideas through the everyday running and living in Camphill places rather than abstract theorising and is completing a book on this topic to be published in 2018.

Allie Middleton, East-West Leadership Institute
“Implementing a Federally Mandated Person-Centered Planning Program: A View from the Mental Health Services in New York State” 


Allie Middleton implemented a person-centered planning process for a network of mental health service providers across New York State. Her presentation will reflect on her experience, focusing on the challenges and changes to self-understanding experienced by all stakeholders during this transition.


Jon Flint, Camphill Communities California
“The Inner Aspects of Policy and Advocacy: The Camphill Experience”

What are the internal resources required to effectively engage in policy research and advocacy for Camphill, when each community seems so different and yet there is still an overarching mission and belief in “core values” to be upheld?  Jon Flint’s presentation will engage these questions from the perspective of Carlo Pietzner’s “Inner Development and the Landscape of the Ego.” 


Evening Seminar: Facilitated by Shelley Burtt, Ph.D., Camphill Foundation
“The Three Essentials of Camphill”


Connecting to the Camphill Association’s Theme of the Year, CANA Trustees and other interested Research Symposium attendees are invited to read Karl Konig’s seminal essay, “The Three Essentials of Camphill” and come prepared for a lively discussion of the text. Pre-registration required; please email to sign up. 

Thursday, July 27


Nish Parikh, CEO, Rangam
“Competitive Integrated Employment: What Works and What Doesn’t” 

Nish Parikh will share his experience as the founder and CEO of Rangam, an organization with the mission of securing employment for people with disabilities. Rangam has several projects and initiatives including a free job portal in partnership with Autism Speaks for the autism community; separate initiatives to assist corporate customers in identifying and employing veterans and people with disabilities; and LetUsConnect, a hydroponic farming project for individuals with autism and other disabilities based in Princeton, NJ.


Roundtable on Social Enterprise at Camphill and Beyond: Current Practices, Future Possibilities
Danielle Cowan, Camphill Soltane. Other participants TBA

Libby Sanders, Camphill Academy Research Fellow 

“Competitive Integrated Employment: A State by State Analysis”

An examination of current state policies regarding assisting people with developmental disabilities to train for and obtain “competitive integrated employment” with reflections on the opportunities and challenges these expectations hold for Camphill communities. 

David Schwartz, Camphill Ghent
“Labor Laws for People with Developmental Disabilities”


An examination of the current state of the law as regards the employment and training opportunities for people with developmental disabilities.


 Evening Seminar: Newel Eaton, East-West Leadership Institute
“Beyond Consensus: The Management Philosophy of Reinventing Organizations” 

Join Newell Eaton, of East-West Leadership Institute, for a discussion of Reinventing Organizations by Frederic Laloux, a new approach to managing organizations committed to community, flatter hierarchies and social renewal. Newell has assisted numerous corporate and non-profit clients in implementing these practices and will share some of his experiences as well as guide discussion of key sections of Laloux’s books. Pre-registration required. Seminar participants will be emailed the reading requirement in advance. Please email to sign up. 


Policy and Research Support Committee Working Group Meeting: All Invited 


The topic for this full-day workshop will be Work and Camphill, with the subject matter prepared by the presentations on Thursday. On the agenda: social enterprise in intentional communities, microfinance and microbusiness opportunities at Camphill, implications of federal policies regarding competitive integrated employment, and more.

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WHEN: Wednesday, July 26 – 28, 2017
WHERE: Camphill Hudson, Hudson, NY

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